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2016 Fall Sunday Clinics

Pay for Sunday Clinics in Advance! Don't want to wait in line or bring cash with you? Buy entrance into the Sunday Clinics anytime before Saturday at 11:59 PM each week. Don't forget your Waiver - only one waiver needs to be completed for all 9 clinics)

Season pass is no longer on sale, but you can show up to any clinic on any Sunday - no pre-registration is required. 


When: Begins September 11th - Ends November 6th (Sundays Only)

Where: SASF (Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation/9040 High Tech Drive, Elk Grove) 

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Cost: $10 per clinic (prepaid season pass-a $45 savings!!*) / $15 per clinic (paid at the door)

The prepaid season pass will only be available for purchase July 20-August 10


Our Sunday clinics are a great way to get ready for club tryouts and also to get additional help during your high school/middle school season. These clinics are open to all skill levels, boys and girls, 4th-12th grades. Each session is 2 hours of skills and drills...and a little conditioning!  The FPVC coaching staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the 2016-2017 club season.

Questions? Email us at info@forcevbc.com

2016-2017 Tryouts

Tryout Date - November 6th, 2016
Commitment Night - Monday, November 14th

Be sure to read the instructions carefully! Scroll down for tryout times.

Tryout Registration Instructions

Register early for tryouts and save! Pre-register and the tryout fee is $25. Pre-Registration opens October 10th and will close 48 hours prior to tryouts.  Day-Of tryout fee is $35. Please show up 15-20 minutes early to register on the day of tryouts.

Tryout Checklist


1. NCVA MEMBERSHIP: All players trying out for a POWER team must either buy a full season NCVA Membership or a NCVA Tryout Pass before you pre-register or attend tryouts. The NCVA is the USA Volleyball Region we play under. You must be a NCVA member to play for any club who plays in the NCVA Power and/or Premier League. The NCVA/USA Volleyball membership gives each player the insurance they need to participate each season.


If you are trying out for an Area/Premier team, you do not need to do get a NCVA Membership. All 12-under players are Area/Premier. Once you make a team we will direct you to the JSA website to purchase your membership.

2. TRYOUT REGISTRATION: Each player attending FPVC tryouts must register. Players can pre-register online or Register the day of tryouts. Each registrant will get a tryout T shirt! Tryout fees are collected for tryout expenses: court fees, t-shirts, supplies, insurance, and coaches.

FPVC is the largest club in the Elk Grove area with teams in the following age divisions:

12-Under (6th grade and younger)
13-Under (7th graders)
14-Under (8th graders)
15-Under (9th graders)
16-Under (10th graders)
17-Under (11th graders)
18-Under (12th graders)

Boys are welcome to tryout - but since this is the girls club season they can only play Premier and must play UP an age division, plus get a waiver from the NCVA

Tryout Times

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to tryout time

SUNDAY, November 6th

12-Under / 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
13-Under / 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
14-Under / 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
15-Under / 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
16-Under / 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
17-Under / 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
18-Under / 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

All tryouts are held at our practice facility - Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation - 9040 High Tech Court, Elk Grove 

Mandatory Commitment Night

Monday, November 14th
Location: SASF - 9040 High Tech Court, Elk Grove
Time - TBA

Tryout Summary

Tryout Registration: Preregistration will save you money or you can register the day of tryouts. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early and bring the above waiver/form with you if you are registering the day of.

Tryout Cost: There is a fee to tryout (covers our gym rental and other costs associated with tryouts). Pre-Registration $25 / Day of Registration $35

2017 Team Announcements: We will post teams on our website by 11:59PM (give or take an hour) on November 13th or we will call the athlete.

Commitment Night: Commitment Night will be Monday, November 14th and is mandatory if you plan to play for Force Volleyball this season. Bring all of your paperwork (to be posted soon).

Commitment Night Forms: Coming soon!

Season Details

Season: Our season will begin in December with practices twice a week through May (or their last tournament).

Practice: We practice twice a week for 2 hours each practice and we condition once a week on separate days

Tournaments: Tournaments are anywhere from 1 a month to 3 a month - depending on the age group and league your team plays in (Power vs Premier Area)

Travel: Power teams will travel for their league tournaments (Sacramento, Bay Area, Fresno, Chico, etc). Some Power teams will travel to Southern California and/or out of state. Premier Area teams will stay in the Sacramento Area and will only travel if the team chooses to do so.

Click the link below for many more details...

Our 2016 season fees and payment information is below. 2017 season fees and payment information will be posted soon.

Payments - fees are collected in payments throughout the season. First payment is due on Commitment Night. Payments are then deducted Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April. We accept checks, credit cards and cash. Please review our payment policy carefully.

Power 17, 18-Under: $2,250 (Includes Kickoff, Las Vegas Classic & So Cal Junior National Qualifier)
Power 16: $2,250 (Includes Kickoff, So Cal Junior National Qualifier and Far Westerns JNQ)
Power 15-Under: $2,250  (Includes Kickoff, So Cal Junior National Qualifier and Far Westerns JNQ)
Power 14-Under: $1,950 (Includes Kickoff and FW JNQ)
Power 13-Under: $1,950 (Includes Kickoff and FW JNQ)
Premier 13 thru 16-Under: $1,500
Premier 12 Under: $1,200

Payment Schedule: A deposit is due on November 14, then 5 additional equal payments are collected December-April). We collect checks, cash and credit cards.

2016 Payment Schedule was:

  • $2250 Schedule: $400 deposit 11/16/15, $370 per month December-April
  • $1950 Schedule: $350 deposit 11/16/15, $320 per month December-April
  • $1500 Schedule: $3oo deposit 11/16/15, $240 per month December-April
  • $1200 Schedule: $200 deposit 11/16/15, $200 per month December-April

Uniforms: Jersey's are included in the above fees. Spandex, warm ups, kneepads, socks and backpack (if needed) are not. We will have a Nike store live and online for you to order these items from. This is going to be a much smoother process for uniforms! Prices vary from Premier to Power, but you can assume anywhere from an additional $100-$200. Spiritwear will be on the same site you order from (sweatshirts, dry fits, etc).









Training Team

The Training Team is a great place for 3rd - 8th grade girls and boys to learn the basics - we will teach and train passing, setting, hitting and serving. All clinics are held at the Wackford Community Center.  We offer both Fall sessions and Winter sessions. Scroll down to see all of the details. Our Training Team is led by Coaching Director Kristen Williams.


  • Dates
    • Session 1 August 31-September 23 (Wednesdays and Fridays)
    • Session 2 October 5-October 28 (Wednesdays and Fridays)
  • Times...

    • Wednesdays and Fridays
    • :45-4:45 PM
    • Cost for each session: $100 (for 4 weeks, 2 practices a week)
    • ign up at anytime!! If you miss the first day or the first week you can still join the session

To register for our Training Team Clinics call the CSD
(all Training Team Registration goes through the CSD)
 Phone: 916-405-5600

Winter 2016 Training Team

Our Training Team Clinics begin again in January.  We will hold two sessions (4 weeks each) January-April. The Training Team is a great place for 3rd - 8th grade girls and boys to learn the basics - we will teach and train passing, setting, hitting and serving.

  • Dates...

    • Session 1 - January 11-February 11

    • Session 2 - February 29-March 23

    • Session 3 - April 11 - May 4

  • Times...

    • Mondays and Wednesdays

    • 3:45-4:45 PM

  • Cost for each session: $100 (for 4 weeks, 2 practices a week)

To register for our Training Team Clinics, go to the CSD Website:

CSD Bar Codes
Session 1 - 53266
Session 2 - 53267
Session 3 - 53268



It is important to us that each player has a good experience playing club volleyball. This goes beyond winning or losing, points or rankings. It is with this in mind that we structure and staff Force Performance Volleyball Club.  FPVC is returning with an experienced coaching staff that features college graduates, former collegiate athletes, high school teachers and principals, and current high school coaches. As it always has, FPVC will strive to deliver superior service and attention to detail with our focus squarely on the growth, development and support of our young athletes.

2017 Coaching Staff

18 Gold
Derrick Cuaresma - head coach
Kristen Williams - assistant coach
Sergio Raudes - assistant coach

17 Gold
Tammy Tong - head coach
Lauren Mace - assistant coach

16 Gold
Ashley MacDonald - head coach
Jim MacDonald - assistant coach

15/16 Blue**
Skye Dawson - co head coach
Kaylyn Denison - co head coach

15 Gold
Halee Parnell - co head coach
AJ Woo - co head coach

14 Gold
Brooke Tolbert - head coach
Emily Youngstrom - assistant coach

14 Blue**
Randy Williams - head coach
Kyle Wallace - assistant coach

14 Red**
Emily Youngstrom - head coach
Lauryn Santiago - assistant coach

13 Gold
Miranda Joseph - co-head coach
Candice Reynoso - co-head coach

12 Gold*
Brent Siever - head coach

12 Blue
Kristen Williams - head coach

*premier league **power or premier


Strength and Conditioning Coaching Staff

Charlie Zamora-owner/head trainer WarriorZ
Micha Zamora - head trainer


Staff Bios


Force Performance Volleyball Club is one of the largest clubs in Sacramento. We serve athletes from the Elk Grove, Sacramento and Stockton areas. 

What's FPVC all about?

Force is committed to provide a program of excellence: excellence in the achievements of its athletes; excellence in consistently strong coaching and administration; and, most importantly, excellence in opportunities for every athlete to develop into the best athlete and person she can be.

How is Force Volleyball different from other clubs?

Force Volleyball has been part of USA Volleyball for over 12 years, and has delivered years of consistently high quality in its team's and player's achievements, has produced coaches that are among some of the best in the area, has a comprehensive, all-inclusive training program, has associated consultants who are experts in their fields, and has been a leader in innovation and positive change for junior volleyball.

Can multi-sport athletes play on FPVC teams?

Absolutely YES. A number of multi-sport athletes play for us.

How many teams does FPVC have?

It always depends on the number of athletes who tryout for the club.Most years we have Power teams in all age groups and Area teams in all age groups; 18-under, 16-under, 15-under, 14-under, 13-under and 12-under.

Where do teams practice?

We practice at SASF and Wackford Community Center. Both facilities are in Elk Grove and are some of the nicest facilities in the Sacramento area.

How much do teams practice?

Teams practice twice a week and condition once a week. So, on average, teams are going 5 hours a week. This includes on court time plus weight and crossfit training. There are no additional charges required for weight and crossfit - costs are included in the dues. In addition, this training is supervised and conducted by WarriorZ coaches - experts in designing workouts specifically for training volleyball players. 

How long is the season?

The season is approximately 6 months. We begin with tryouts in November. Then practices start in December. Our first tournament will be in January and most teams have 1-2 tournaments a month. Early May is usually the Regional Championships, and if teams qualify for Junior Nationals their season continues into late June, early July.

Tryout information will be posted in the Fall, but plan on the first or second weekend in November.

What does it cost?

Each team's dues depend primarily on the division played (Power vs Premier) and tournaments included. The calculation also considers the coach of the team and the number of players we expect to have on the team. Our dues are lower than other Sacramento area clubs and other nationally competitive clubs around the country when the amount of training time and the tournaments we attend is considered. TRAVEL EXPENSES ARE ADDITIONAL.

Club dues for the 2015-2016 Season are:

18 Gold - TBA

16 Gold - TBA

16 Blue - TBA

15 Gold - TBA

15 Blue - TBA

14 Gold - TBA

14 Blue - TBA

13 Gold - TBA

13 Blue - TBA

12 Gold - TBA

12 Blue - TBA

What do you get for your money?

Force Performance Volleyball dues are all inclusive, except for travel expenses and any extra tournaments individual teams choose to add. Dues include:

  • facilities fees
  • coaching fees
  • coaches travel
  • uniforms, including practice and game uniforms
  • tournament entry fees
  • equipment
  • strength and metcon training
  • administrative expenses

How do you pay for it?

There is a payment plan designed to make the payment of dues easier. Season fees and payment plans are posted on our website in the Fall.

Power and Premier League Schedule

coming soon!

Practice Schedule

Facility Locations:

SaSF - 9040 High tech Court, elk grove

Wackford Community Center - bruceville road, elk grove


CrossFit Schedule

Our strength and conditioning program begins TBA
All teams will condition once a week on Monday or Wednesday at WarriorZ (9660 Elk Grove Florin Road, Suite D)

All athletes MUST download the waiver and bring it with them to the first class. 



Welcome to our Nutrition Page! This is a new page which we will continue to add articles and relevant items to.  We hope this helps all of you when trying to plan menu's for tournament days or just wondering what you should eat before a workout.



Healthy Tournament Food

Dried Fruits
Veggies - cut up carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc
Sandwiches with lunch meat - turkey, ham, tuna, chicken
Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Granola Bars - we reccomend KIND bars. Most others have alot of sugar
Hard Boiled Eggs
Cheese and Whole Grain crackers
Peanut Butter
Cottage Cheese


Gatorade - lots of sugar! 
Energy drinks with sugar
Fried Food
Fast Food


Below is a list of foods that will help you keep your energy during the day while competing.

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