It is important to us that each player has a good experience playing club volleyball. This goes beyond winning or losing, points or rankings. It is with this in mind that we structure and staff Force Performance Volleyball Club.  FPVC is returning with an experienced coaching staff that features college graduates, former collegiate athletes, high school teachers and current high school coaches. As it always has, FPVC will strive to deliver superior service and attention to detail with our focus squarely on the growth, development and support of our young athletes.

2017 Coaching Staff

18 Gold

Derrick Cuaresma - head coach

Kristen Williams - assistant coach

Sergio Raudes - assistant coach

17 Gold

Tammy Tong - head coach

Lauren Mace - assistant coach

16 Gold

Ashley MacDonald - head coach

Jim MacDonald - assistant coach

16 Blue

Skye Dawson - co head coach

Kaylyn Denison - co head coach

15 Gold

Halee Parnell - co head coach

AJ Woo - co head coach

14 Gold

Brooke Tolbert - head coach

Emily Youngstrom - assistant coach

14 Blue

Michelle New - head coach

Kyle Wallace - assistant coach

14 Red

Emily Youngstrom - head coach

Lauryn Santiago - assistant coach

13 Gold

Randy Williams - head coach

Miranda Joseph - assistant coach

Candice Reynoso - assistant coach

12 Gold

Brent Siever - head coach

Tammy Tong - assistant coach

12 Blue

Kristen Williams - head coach

Brooke Tolbert - assistant coach

Floater Coach

Jim MacDonald


Strength and Conditioning Staff

Charlie Zamora-owner/head trainer WarriorZ
Micha Zamora - head trainer

Staff Bios