2016-2017 FPVC online Tryout Form

Supplemental Tryout November 13th from 10 am to 11 am at SASF (9040 High Tech Court, Elk Grove)
Disregard the NCVA membership for now - if you make a team after the supplemental tryout you will need to get either a NCVA or JSA membership.


All players trying out for a Power Team must have a full NCVA (USA Volleyball) membership ($70) or a tryout pass ($20). Tryout passes are good for all tryouts that a player attends. Tryout passes do not extend past tryouts, once tryouts are completed you will need to pay the $70 for a full membership. To attend tryouts, you need to register online with NCVA.

To register for the tryout pass or full membership:

  •  Go to www.ncva.com
  •  Select Register Members
  •  Select New or Renewing Member

If a new member, begin completing the form

If a renewing member, enter your login and select renew online


If you are trying out for an Area/Premier team, you do not need to do get a NCVA Membership. All 12-under players are Area/Premier. Once you make a team we will direct you to the JSA website to purchase your membership.

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If you pick Power, you will be automatically considered for Premier if you do not make a Power team. If you pick Premier, you will only be considered for Premier teams.
T Shirt Size *
Tryout T shirts are adult sizes. We cannot guarantee your t shirt size because they are ordered 2 weeks prior to tryouts. But, if received in time, this information is helpful to us.
What school do you currently attend?
Please let us know who you played for last season - if you did not play club last year please put "N/A"
All athletes trying out for a POWER TEAM must have a current NCVA Membership (2016-2017) in order to attend tryouts. For more information see our Tryouts Page. If you are trying out for ONLY an AREA/LOCAL team then please put in 12345
NCVA Membership Type *
Liability Release and Waiver
Liability Release and Waiver: The Parent/Guardian, individually, and on behalf of the Registrant/Participant, guests and/or invitees, understands that the decision to enter the premises for any purpose shall be solely that person’s responsibility, and FORCE VBC (“Club”), including it’s owners, management, employees and volunteers, and property owners, including but not limited to the Sacramento Asian Sports Facility, their management, employees and volunteers, shall not be liable for any claims, demands or damages due to injury to any person or property arising out of or in connection with the use of services, facilities and/or premises used for tryouts, regardless of whether the injury or damages were caused by the negligence of the Club, its employees or its agents, or property owners, their employees or agents. This waiver and release applies to all available claims, including but not limited to claims of negligent instruction and/or supervision that may arise as a result of injuries sustained during any play, instruction or other forms of participation. The person executing this waiver and release of liability hereby agrees to indemnify and hold the Club and property owners harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by any participant or person on participant’s behalf, or any of participant’s guests, for any claims arising from injuries occurring at the chosen tryout facility. The participant, by and through his or her parent or legal guardian, expressly acknowledges that by signing below he or she is relinquishing all rights he or she may have to compensation from the Club and property owners for injuries arising out of the use of the tryout facilities or their services. This release is intended to be interpreted as broadly as allowed under California Law.