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California Kickoff

December 9-10 17's/18's Cal Kickoff

The Kickoff for the 17's and 18's is a 2 day tournament held at the Grounds December 9th and 10th.



The Cal Kickoff is a 3 day tournament for our REN & POWER. 

Please visit the tournament website to see more information - CAL KICKOFF WEBSITE

Below are some general details. Scroll through the entire page to see the locations, schedule, division info and more!

Online Schedule

NCVA uploads the exact tournament play schedule into TM2 anytime from the week before to the few days before. As of now,  the Kickoff schedule is not yet live.

*If you are taken to the home page on TM2, you do not need to register. Click "Events" on the top right corner. Search for the name of your event.




17 REN / AM / Grounds (December)
17 Devin / AM/ Grounds (December)
16 REN / PM / San Mateo EC
15 REN / PM / San Jose CC
14 REN / AM / San Jose CC
14 REN 2 / AM / San Jose CC
13 REN / AM / San Jose CC
13 REN 2 / AM / San Jose CC


16 Brandon / PM / San Mateo EC
16 Krystal / PM / San Mateo EC
15 Hugo / PM / San Jose CC
14 Nicki / AM / San Jose CC
13 Payton / AM / San Mateo EC

Support The Sport

Help us Support the Sport! From the NCVA...

Volleyball tournaments such as these require a lot of space – and that means Convention Centers. But there is great deal of competition for those spaces and it can be impossible to get the space needed for our events on popular weekends unless we demonstrate to host cities the clear benefits our events bring to their local economies.

We do not know the policy yet for hotel reservations at the 2023 Kickoff. Once more details are given to us we will post them here.

Guest Registration

Anyone attending the tournament (parents, friends, siblings) must register. Select "Kickoff" to purchase wristbands for Kickoff.

Spectators will pick up their wristbands at the tournament.