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2020 FPVC Beach Tournament Results

By Kristen , 10/09/20, 1:45PM PDT


Check out the results of our last beach event of the season!


Gold Division
-1st place: Ella and Mara
-2nd place: Hadlee and Malia 
-3rd place: Natalie and Sofia
-4th place: Eliana and Sara
Silver Division 
-1st place: Kira and Jelene
-2nd place: Rachel and Taylor
-3rd place: Maelyn and Ellie
Bronze Division 
-1st place: Arana and Tarin
-2nd place: Audrey and Kayla
-3rd place: Sofia and Yaz


Gold Division 
1st place: Makena and Bella
-2nd place: Sapphyra and Chloe
-3rd place: Gabby and Noelani
Silver Division 
-1st place: Sophia and Emma
-2nd place: Annmarie and Stacie
-3rd place: Mikayla and Alexa 
-4th place: Natalia and Lana
Bronze Division 
-1st place: Yaz and Kemyah
-2nd place: Lana and Mia
-3rd place: Roxy and Guiliana
-4th place: Caitlin and Jael