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Beach FAQs / Tournament Tips


Do I need a partner to participate in FPVC Beach?

  • A partner is not required to participate in either of our beach program. If numbers are even, you will be paired with another athlete who is without a partner.

What should I wear to training?

  • Athletic wear (shorts/spandex/athletic bottoms with shirt/tank top/sports bra) should be worn. No kneepads or shoes are needed. Sand socks are recommended because the sand can get hot.

Am I required to play in tournaments?

  • Playing in tournaments is not required but highly encouraged because they are so fun! 

Do I have to have experience playing beach volleyball?

  • Absolutely not! We love teaching new beach athletes about the sport!

Do I have to have volleyball experience?

  • Yes. We do require that our athletes have some volleyball foundation with at least a year of club experience

Does FPVC register me for beach tournaments?

  • Unlike in indoor, FPVC plays no role in tournament registration. It is up to the individual athlete to register for tournaments. 

What are the steps for signing up for tournaments?


Get your AAU membership. Each athlete needs an AAU membership before he or she can register for tournaments. Our club code is WYD58W - Force Performance Volleyball Club. It costs $16. You must renew your membership every year.


Find a partner!


Sign up for tournaments! You have a couple options! We recommend registering in all the tournaments you want to play in on a month by month basis. Space is limited and fill up fast.


Tell us when and where you will be playing! 


tournament tips


  • Tournament style is pretty similar across all locations. There is pool play followed by double elimination bracket play

  • Games play to 21 and teams switch sides every 7 points.

  • Each team gets 1 time out to use at any time during their game. There is also a technical timeout when the total score sums to 21.

  • At most tournaments, serve is decided by one partner from each team rolling a ball to the opposite sideline. The team that gets the closest to the sideline without going over the line wins.

  • Be prepared to play for 4-6 hours especially if your goal is to play in the finals.

  • Stay hydrated!

  • Be prepared to ref games.  As the ref, you need to keep score and make judgement calls (so be familiar with beach rules!!)

  • Have fun!!


  • Bring chairs, towels, and most importantly shade!! Most parents bring pop up canopies but umbrellas will also do the job

  • Bring plenty of water and food for your athlete.

  • Bring towels that can be dipped in water to keep your athlete cool. Some FPVC teams bring fans with misters in them or ice packs.

  • Coaching during play is not allowed (even by coaches!)